More about us

Shake The Frame Art Bookshop/ Publisher

At Art Bookstore Shake The Frame, we take pride in our carefully curated collection that celebrates female artists and champions diversity. Our bookstore serves as a vibrant platform promoting inclusivity and fostering a deep appreciation for art and culture. Explore our diverse categories, including photography, fine art, design, architecture, fashion, performance, music, dance, and LGBTQ+.

STF Publisher is dedicated to promoting the work of women artists by transforming their thoughts and vision into tangible, saleable objects. We take the time to ensure quality and creativity, engaging in numerous conversations and idea exchanges between the publisher and the artist. Due to the extensive nature of this collaborative process, we focus on a limited number of projects and quantities. We prioritize quality and originality over quantity. Our goal is to produce unique and original artwork in book form, created through a process.


Shake The Frame Community

STF Community  was created to shine a light on the artists who are a minority in the art world. By interrviewen these artists we get to know these artists, how they work, where they get their inspiration, why art and what is their idea of the existing art world. Through the interviews, Shake The Frame aims to create a community and invite everyone to READ, learn, understand & change.


Shake The Frame Salon

STF Salon is an initiative that promotes women artists and their work. Since we do not have a fixed location and enjoy meeting new people and exploring cities, our exhibitions are held in different venues each time. These viewings are brief but are accompanied by an event where the artist presents her work and shares her ideas about art.


Shake The Frame Events

STF Events include a wide variety of activities such as book sales at various locations, dinner parties, workshops, and lectures. These events are opportunities for us to meet our followers and customers, and to inspire one another. At STF Events, anything is possible. We are also open to collaborations with other art institutions. Our goal is to shine more light on women artists and their work.