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Perpetual Slavery

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In 'Perpetual Slavery', Ciarán Finlayson investigates the relationship of art to freedom in the work of Cameron Rowland and Ralph Lemon, who both utilize imagery of labour haunted and structured by the historical experience of slavery. Finlayson suggests that these two artists' work overcomes the dichotomy between the recording of history and its interpretation by making both the object of artistic experience, thereby providing a space to grasp the continuing effects of slavery. Ciarán Finlayson is a writer and editor based in New York City. His primary research is on contemporary art with emphases on Marxism, Black studies, philosophy of history, and conceptual art.

Categories: Art

Imprint: : Floating Opera Press

Book Size: 17 x 12 cm

Pages: 80

Language: English

Binding: Softcover



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