• Bindi Vora – Mountain of Sal
  • Bindi Vora – Mountain of Sal

Bindi Vora – Mountain of Sal

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‘Mountain of Salt’ is an expansive series of text-based collage works by Bindi Vora. Comprising found photographs and digital shape collages accompanied by phrases and statements taken from news articles, press conferences, and social media, it traces the interweaving social, political, and ideological arcs of the early phases of the pandemic, the post-Brexit era, and Black Lives Matter. At its core is the potency of language. Vora revels in the tension between the micro and macro, the individual and collective, and the personal and political, teasing out and making connections between the individual events and linguistic frameworks that build broader historical eras and movements.


Categories: Photography

Imprint: : Perimeter Editions

Book Size: 19 x 15 cm

Pages: 448

Language: English

Binding: Hardcover



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